SheerWind is dedicated to making clean, reliable wind-based energy available to anyone—anywhere.
We are committed to lowering energy costs, reducing carbon footprints, improving energy security,
and promoting a better future globally.

SheerWind’s patented INVELOX technology will develop through multiple stages. Stage one INVELOX functions
as a wind delivery system that captures, accelerates, and delivers wind at its optimum kinetic energy to an off-the-shelf third party turbine. In the future, SheerWind will develop its own high speed rotating and non-rotating turbines and will offer comprehensive energy systems that combine wind with solar, geothermal, and fossil fuels
in a single solution.

SheerWind’s patented technology is suitable to many market segments:

1) Onshore/offshore utility-scale wind farms (0.5-7.0 Megawatts)
2) Small-wind systems for buildings and off-the-grid applications (25-500 Kilowatts)
3) Micro-wind power generation for military, FEMA, homeland security,
and consumer products (100-5,000 Watts).
• INVELOX systems can be built in commercial, passenger and military vehicles
as an assist power system to maintain charge in batteries of electrical or hybrid vehicles.
• Micro-power generation includes outdoor wind lights (versus solar) and street wind lights.
The possibilities are limitless.

SheerWind’s INVELOX technology opens doors to markets not possible with traditional wind technology.
With INVELOX, wind power generation suppliers can access regions that have never before been viable.
With low cut-in speeds of approximately 2 mph and safely functioning in populated areas, INVELOX promises to improve reliability and allow wind power installations at close range to the end user.

Our customers are the key to this vision. We look forward to building partnerships
that strengthen and realize our goals.

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