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Investor Opportunity to Impact Global Growth

Accredited Investors are invited to help SheerWind with growth funding to meet expanding global demand for its clean, affordable electricity system.

As SheerWind is nearing completion of a 200 kW INVELOX™ pilot project for Army National Guard-Michigan and is breaking ground for another in Florida for Tampa Electric, the Company is seeking qualified accredited Investors for growth funding to meet expanding global demand for commercialization and delivery of its INVELOX technology.

SheerWind is successfully executing its strategy of licensing its INVELOX technology worldwide. SheerWind to date has 5 global distribution Hub licensees in China, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Each with multiple INVELOX projects in development. The China Hub for example, is focused on community and utility-scale INVELOX systems in 2016 with plans for 300 MW the following year. The Netherlands hub is developing roof-top units with plans for producing a 25 MW utility scale wind power plant.

“We are inviting people around the globe to join us to realize our vision of affordable electrical power for all,” said Dr. Daryoush Allaei, founder of SheerWind. “With growth funding, we will accelerate conversion of global demand into sales increasing the number of Hub licensees deploying INVELOX systems.”

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We are pleased to explore your interest in investing in SheerWind. To begin the process, please complete the following steps. SheerWind will use this information to conduct its preliminary assessment if you meet the SEC regulations and can begin the due diligence process before investing in SheerWind.

  1. Download form, complete and save to desktop before uploading pdficon_small Rule 506(c) Form
  2. Submit completed form by one of the following methods:
    • Upload online through the Investor Contact Form below
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    • Fax to +1 (877) 370-1571
    • Mail to Investor Relations, SheerWind, 143 Jonathan Blvd. N., Chaska, MN 55318 USA

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