minneapolis w INVELOX

Until now, wind energy has been plagued with
cost, reliability, viability, and environmental and wildlife issues

INVELOX Benefits


• <2¢ per kWh at utility scale

• Multiple turbines/single tower

• Near zero downtime

• Operates at low (2 mph) and high (over 50 mph) wind speeds

• Cut-in speed of 1 meter per second or or about 2 mph

• No cut-out speed

• Cost effective, safe, and easy maintenance

• OPEX $3 per MWh

• 50% less operating and maintenance costs than traditional wind

• Less than 5 year payback

• No FAA or security radar interference

• CAPEX of 75¢ per watt at utility scale

• Can be retrofitted to towers, silos, or existing buildings

• Building integration

• No yaw or pitch system

• Scalable from watt to megawatt

• Weather resistant



• No harm to humans, animals, or our flying friends

• Will not disrupt bird migration

• Minimal noise or vibration

• Increased geographical locations

• Building integration

• Installation close to end user

• Architectural integration into communities

• Can be used for landmarks, art installations, and signage

• No optical flickering

• Unlimited applications and design


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