Patented INVELOX technology increases wind speed to improve power output and efficiency.

INVELOX produces the first transforming change in the wind industry in over 100 years. The INVELOX product line provides triple-bottom-line benefits of appreciably increasing power output while significantly lowering capital and maintenance costs, as well as substantially reducing negative impacts on the environment, wildlife, public health, and FAA and military radars.

INVELOX brings our nation’s energy goal within reach—and then some. It’s not merely a refinement of existing technology; it is, rather, a deep rethinking of the problem, and it is based on a concept of elegant simplicity: instead of a pinwheel, you begin with a scoop. Instead of snatching bits of energy from the air as it passes through the blades of a rotor, you capture it with an omni-directional air intake and direct it through a tapering passageway that naturally accelerates its flow. You then use this stream of kinetic energy to drive a generator that’s installed safely and economically at ground level. Finally, you channel the flow from multiple air collection intakes to a single generator, concentrating it in such a way that the resulting power output rises almost exponentially.

The fundamental innovation of the INVELOX system is that it eliminates the need for tower-mounted turbines. These large, mechanically complex turbines, and the enormous towers used to hoist them into the sky, are the hallmark of today’s wind power industry. Unfortunately, they are also expensive, unwieldy, inefficient, and hazardous to people and wildlife. In recent years, these tower/turbine installations have grown to immense heights (approaching 500 feet high in some cases) without achieving a commensurate increase in power output. They may yet demonstrate incremental improvements in performance, but incrementalism won’t get the nation to its stated goal of deriving 20 percent of its electrical energy from wind power by the year 2030.

INVELOX is scalable—equally suitable for use in major wind farms or micro-generation settings. It will produce power effectively at much lower wind speeds than current systems do, which means it will have a dramatically wider geographical range of use. Our value proposition is facilitating inexpensive, efficient wind farm development, maintenance and power generation. To generate 100 megawatts of electricity, INVELOX reduces costs of generated electrical power by 16% to 38% with 3x increased performance on 50% shorter towers placed on 90% less acreage, operated/maintained at 40% to 45% lower costs, and using turbine blades 84% shorter than traditional wind farms.

INVELOX creates no negative impact on wildlife or public health, will not interfere with aviation or security radars, and will offer a notably superior aesthetic profile to neighboring communities. Prevailing wind power theory—simply put, the use of windmills, as gargantuan as they may have become—has remained essentially unchanged for a century. INVELOX is a game-changer, a leapfrog technology that solves the problems inherent in the status quo (cost, efficiency, safety, and capacity for growth) without introducing new problems that might limit its market penetration. By capturing, accelerating, and concentrating wind, INVELOX has the potential to transform what has been an energy-industry niche into a major element of the world’s power supply.