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SheerWind's INVELOX Wind Delivery How-it-works

SheerWind’s INVELOX Wind Delivery is simply a better way to harvest wind energy.

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How INVELOX Works 

  1. Wind is captured at the top of the funnel shaped INVELOX system. The omnidirectional intake area allows wind collection from any direction

  2. Wind is funneled through the system

  3. Wind is concentrated and further accelerated in the Venturi Effect* section of the INVELOX system. *The Venturi effect is the phenomenon that occurs when a fluid that is flowing through a pipe is forced through a narrow section, resulting in a pressure decrease and a velocity increase.

  4. Wind is delivered to the turbine/generators to convert the accelerated wind to electrical power. INVELOX is the first single wind tower capable of powering multiple turbines in a row or series

  5. Diffuser returns wind to nature

This system of capturing, concentrating, accelerating, and harvesting wind power in a funnel is a patented system we call INVELOX™ (for INcreased VELocity). SheerWind is a wind power generation company that is poised to turn wind power into a major power generation player. SheerWind’s INVELOX is a solution that utilizes current wind power turbines and rotors but brings them to ground level for easier, safer, and cheaper operation and maintenance. Multiple turbines can be used in a row or series increasing output exponentially for each tower.

SheerWind’s mission is to provide sustainable, affordable, electrical energy to anyone, anywhere.  watch >


Invelox, Wind is funneled through the system

INVELOX Computational Fluid Dynamics Model showing wind speed increase

Technology Validation

INVELOX technology has been reviewed and validated by a technical advisory board, a team of experts from major research universities and agencies. Prototypes were tested under controlled laboratory conditions, and test results were used to build and validate full-scale computational fluid dynamic (CFD) models.

Several demonstration have been field tested since 2012. The first small-scale unit was installed in a field near SheerWind’s facility in Chaska, Minnesota. The unit incorporates the instruments for full speed and power data collection. Preliminary speed data have validated CFD model predictions.

Scientific papers written about SheerWind’s technology are peer-reviewed, meaning the data has been evaluated by scientific and academic professionals working in the same field. These reviewers constitute third party review of our concept, computational models, and collected field data.

Universities around the country and in Europe have contacted SheerWind to establish working relationships. Our Chief Technical Officer has been invited to speak on renewable energy and technology in the Middle East, China, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Canada, and USA. He has presented to 1000s of experts around the globe and has answered all of their questions.

We have over 30 investors, 20 partners, 10 customers, and 25 imminent customers. Our rapid deployment unit was evaluated by the US Army for potential mobile power applications. The US Army National Guard has ordered three units to be installed at three sites in two bases. All these groups have reviewed our data and technology and have made the decision to work with SheerWind.


Comparing INVELOX commercial-grade wind energy generation with the same turbine on a traditional tower-mounted system. The test results indicate that INVELOX significantly out-performs the traditional turbine and is competitive with natural gas and hydroelectric generation by:

  • Producing 600% more electrical energy (kWh)
  • Operating at wind speeds as low as 1 mile per hour and in low wind regimes (class 1 and 2)
  • Reducing installation capital cost to less that $750 per KW
  • Increasing energy production capacity to record high of 72%

SheerWind’s INVELOX wind energy system captures the breeze from an above ground portal and funnels the wind through a tapering passageway that naturally accelerates its flow. This kinetic energy drives the INVELOX generator that operates at ground level. INVELOX has the following advantages:

  • Costs less than 1 cent per KWH, making it competitive with natural gas and hydroelectric powered generation
  • Requires no government subsidies to be profitable
  • Reduces operating cost by 50% of current wind turbine technology
  • Minimizes environment, animal, bird and human impact